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Chris Cavanaugh
3 September 1984
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Hello, I am Christopher Cavanaugh, and welcome to my blog. First of all, about me. I am currently a Senior at Kentucky Mountain Bible College in the Ministerial program, but interestingly enough, I am going to study Graphic Design after this. I feel that God is leading me to become a Graphic Designer... a "Theologically Trained Graphic Design Professional" is a little bit of a unusual title, but I like it. I am married and have been since June 1, 2006. My wife is a native of Taiwan, and we may be heading back someday to live. Oh, and that does mean that there is great food at home, and that I am learning Chinese. I would put my Taiwanese legal name on here, but I am lousy at HTML and don't know how yet. I am working on learning python as well.

I have many ideas that I want to try out with this blog, we will see if they all come to fruition. I want to keep a journal, if you will, of my days (many will not be able to see these most-likely), an ongoing story or several stories that I have running through my head, as well as an open discussion for or against Christianity.

Those of you who do not agree with my Christian views, please feel free to comment on my posts, especially if you do not agree with me. I will not censor comments just because they express a different view than mine, I may edit any, however, to ***** language that may be used offensively (I do not plan to do this with things that are left in a natural context). Basically, I want this to be a safe ground; not just for Christians, but for Atheists, Agnostics, and people of other religions to comment on what they agree/disagree about my views. Honestly, I believe that Christianity can withstand any logic or attempts that can be made against it, and remain logical. However, this will not keep me from investigating questions about my faith or someone else's. To all, I wish you welcome.

- Chris